I have been struggling with trap shots in my sporting clay competitions. To be able to play the game the evening before as a simulator and then apply what I practiced is simply awesome.

Clay Hunt PRO creates a new standard for mobile shooting simulators with unique touch controls and highly realistic gameplay experience. With five game modes, there’s loads to do. Shoot Skeet, Trap, Double Trap, Sporting Clays, Pop-up Targets and now even live pigeons in gorgeous 3D landscapes! Become the champion in monthly cups beating the very best around the world!
Clay Hunt PRO has been developed in cooperation with shooting experts to a new kind of training tool: intuitive touch controls and realistic simulation of physics and shooting disciplines. You can play the game to practise or prepare yourself for a shooting event.
Compete globally in Monthly cups with skeet, trap, double trap and sporting clays events. Share, watch and discuss replays to learn the best techniques.
Clay Hunt PRO listed as one of the best new paid Android games in GamesKeys.net!

Clay Hunt PRO is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play for $4.99 (the actual price may vary slightly per country).
The original Clay Hunt has been downloaded over five million times. It's available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.
See also the new Clay Hunt VR for Meta Quest!

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